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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : Determining your installation method

Determining your installation method

You can install OpenEdge release products in Windows or on UNIX using the following methods:
*Online, interactive installation — This method prompts you to make installation choices online and record your input in dialog boxes. The dialog boxes appear programmatically as determined by the products you identify to install and the type of install you choose to perform. After you complete the Installation Utility, the Setup Utility initializes your choices, enabling you to use the products after the installation.
For details about loading your installation package and initiating either a Windows installation or a UNIX installation, see:
*Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows
*Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux
Note: Online help is provided with each platform's Installation Utility, and is accessible from Help or a specific Help control. The online help provides information and details the procedures required to complete each installation dialog box.
*Silent Installation Utility — The silent, or batch mode, installation does not prompt you to interactively enter your installation choices. A silent installation reads your installation values and settings as recorded in a response file. Using specific commands, you initiate your response file to run without user involvement. A silent installation supports either a complete or a custom installation.
For details about running silent or batch mode installations by creating a response file, see:
*OpenEdge Silent installation overview for Windows.
*OpenEdge Silent installation overview for UNIX.