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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : OpenEdge Silent installation overview

OpenEdge Silent installation overview

An interactive installation prompts you for input and records your values in a series of dialog boxes. The Installation Program immediately uses this data to setup your OpenEdge products.
In contrast, a Silent installation is a multi-step process:
*Data entered during the interactive installation process is recorded, typically in an .ini file. The OpenEdge installation automatically creates a response.ini file during the interactive installation process. Although you can create your own .ini file, the automatically-generated response.ini file is a reliable data input to perform a Silent installation.
*The installation data captured in an .ini file is read programmatically to install the products through a batch, or silent, mechanism at any time. Complete and custom installation support the Silent installation feature.
Note: If you plan to distribute a Silent installation that includes OpenEdge products that require Microsoft .NET Framework as part of the installation process, verify that the .NET Framework software is available on the system to which you are installing before you initiate the installation. Otherwise the Silent installation process will terminate.
The following sections describe the Silent installation steps in more detail.
* Selecting a data input option for a Silent installation
* Running the Silent installation
* Checking the status of the Silent installation log file
* Optional data input activities