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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : OpenEdge Silent installation overview : Optional data input activities : Creating a data input option
Creating a data input option
You can choose to record a separate response file any time you perform an interactive installation. If you do not specify a filename for the response file that you create, the install provides the filename oe-response.ini and stores it in C:\Windows\oe-response.ini. The format and structure of any data input option is identical to that which is presented in the automatically-generated response.ini file. See Response.ini sample excerpt to review an excerpt of the file's content.
The syntax for initiating the user-defined response file is:


-psc_r [-psc_f1=\<path>\response-file-name]
Note: Do not leave a space between command line entries and options. Command line entries nor options are case sensitive.
<path-to-install-media> \setup.exe
Runs an OpenEdge installation. The <path-to-install-media> indicates that you can run the installation from the installation executable downloaded with your product from the Progress Download Center, The setup.exe identifies the specific OpenEdge installation executable.
Indicates that the install is in record mode.
Indicates that the response file will be created, and specifies the pathname and the filename of the file. By default, the install will look for the response file oesetup.ini in the same directory the setup.exe is located.