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Installation and Configuration
Command and Utility Reference : Managing installation configurations : configutil


Exports the source installation configurations and imports them to a different OpenEdge installation on the same or different machine.
When you install OpenEdge, the configuration information is stored in separate configuration files. This utility helps you to capture all installation configuration information and uses it to automatically configure another OpenEdge installation on the same or a different machine.
This command-line utility is available as configutil.bat file for Windows and as a shell script for UNIX in the <install-dir>/bin location. You can run the utility from the proenv shell.
Operating system
UNIX Windows
configutil operation [option]
export [option]
import -backupfile backup zip path
undoimport -importbackupfile import backup zip path
help [export|import|undoimport]
Use help for detailed usage
The configutil utility does not support the following:
*Exporting from Openedge 64-bit and importing into Openedge 32-bit and vice-versa
*Exporting from a Windows machine and importing into a UNIX machine and vice-versa
*Exporting property settings containing non-ascii characters
* Configutil Operations
* Exporting and importing registry entries based settings
* Exporting and Importing XML files-based settings
* Logging of import and export operations