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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : Additional product installation activities : Installing additional products
Installing additional products
Once OpenEdge is successfully installed, you can choose to add additional products to your current installation.
To initiate this process, you must re-load your installation media. First perform the steps outlined in Starting the installation process, and then perform the steps outlined in the procedure that follows.
Note: When you add products to an existing installation, you can use the Installation Utility in batch mode as long as you are performing a Complete installation of the products you are adding. For more information about a batch installation, see OpenEdge Silent installation overview.
To install additional products when the Welcome dialog box appears:
1. Press RETURN to continue. The Serial & Control Numbers dialog box appears.
2. Enter only the control numbers for the products you are adding to the list of previously installed products.
3. When you are done, press CTRL+E. The Done Configuration Data Confirmation dialog box appears.
4. Press Y to continue (or press N to add more products). The Type Device and Destination dialog box appears.
5. Choose Select the Destination Pathname, and type the path of the initial installation.
6. Press RETURN. The Destination Pathname Exists dialog box appears:
7. Choose Install the OpenEdge products in the pre-existing destination path and press RETURN to continue with the installation.
Note: If you install products that will affect previously installed products, you might see the following caution message:
8. Choose Yes to continue with the installation.
The installation program adds your OpenEdge products to your directories automatically.