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GUI for .NET Primer
Preface : Organization


Object-oriented Programming in ABL
Describes extensions to ABL that provide a cohesive and standard object-oriented programming model, while continuing to support the programming model available in previous releases of OpenEdge.
GUI for .NET Environment
Describes the ability to access Microsoft .NET objects from ABL much as if they were native ABL objects.
Basic Types of Forms and Application Design
Describes the types of .NET forms for building different types of ABL applications.
Controls in Forms
Describes the .NET Windows Forms UI controls and non-UI controls, the built-in ABL controls, and the optional OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET that can be added to your application.
Describes the .NET event loop and the ABL event handlers that are used when your application uses GUI for .NET.
Data Binding
Describes data binding in the context of the connection between an ABL data source, which can be a ProDataSet, a query on a database table or temp-table, or a buffer, and a .NET UI component.
Service Layers
Describes the advantages of incorporating Business Entities, Service Layers, and Service Interfaces into your application.