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GUI for .NET Primer
Data Binding

Data Binding

From a UI standpoint, data binding is an integration between UI components (controls) and data sources. As such, data binding establishes the connection between the ABL data source, which can be a ProDataSet, a query on a database table or temp-table, or a buffer, and the .NET UI component. We all have worked with data binding in ABL, but may not realize it since in many cases it is implied. Data binding with .NET is a bit more deliberate and more explicit. OpenEdge provides a built-in data binding object, the ProBindingSource, a class used as a conduit between the ABL data source and the .NET controls, and used by the .NET controls to access ABL data.
* Binding to a .NET control
* Binding to a data source
* Defining ProBindingSource tables and fields