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Guide for New Developers
Introducing OpenEdge Platform : A comprehensive view of the components in OpenEdge : OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer

OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer

OpenEdge Management is a system management center that provides visibility, analysis, and proactive monitoring of critical information assets. OpenEdge Management optimizes the availability and performance of OpenEdge-based applications through system monitoring, alerting, and automatic handling of corrective actions. OpenEdge Management empowers Progress Software customers to become more efficient, decrease the cost of managing the OpenEdge environment, and ensure high availability and performance.
OpenEdge Explorer is a subset of OpenEdge Management. OpenEdge Explorer runs within the OpenEdge Management console, which runs in a Web browser. Using OpenEdge Explorer, you can set resource configuration properties, start or stop, and view the status of log files for various OpenEdge resources. You can use OpenEdge Explorer without OpenEdge Management, or with OpenEdge Management if you have OpenEdge Management installed.
Unlike Progress Explorer, which runs only in Windows, OpenEdge Explorer is supported on all the UNIX platforms that support OpenEdge.