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Introducing OpenEdge Platform : A comprehensive view of the components in OpenEdge

A comprehensive view of the components in OpenEdge

The following topic provides a comprehensive overview of the OpenEdge product components and features that support application development and deployment in an integrated environment.
The following image illustrates a view of the components and features in OpenEdge:
These products include:
*Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
*OpenEdge RDBMS
*OpenEdge SQL
*OpenEdge DataServers
*ABL clients
*Non-ABL clients
*REST and SOAP Web service clients
*WebSpeed client
*SQL client
*OpenEdge AppServer
*OpenEdge Management and Explorer
*OpenEdge Business Process Management
The features include:
*ABL Advanced Business Language (ABL)
*OpenEdge Multi-Tenancy
*OpenEdge Table-Partitioning
*OpenEdge REST Web Services
*OpenEdge SOAP Web Services
* Advanced Business Language (ABL)
* The ABL Virtual Machine (AVM)
* Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
* OpenEdge RDBMS
* OpenEdge DataServers
* OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer
* Clients
* OpenEdge AppServer
* Progress Application Server
* OpenEdge Web Services
* OpenEdge Business Process Management