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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
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OpenEdge Core Business Services
Defines and provides an overview of the core business services, security and auditing, supported in OpenEdge.
Security in OpenEdge
Provides an overview of all security features supported by OpenEdge, with references to other OpenEdge documentation.
Defines cryptography and describes how it is supported in OpenEdge.
Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Provides an overview of PKI, including information on how OpenEdge supports PKI features and where to find more information about them.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Provides an overview of SSL, the primary implementation of PKI features that OpenEdge supports.
SSL in OpenEdge
Describes the OpenEdge SSL architecture and how each SSL-supported OpenEdge component works within it.
Auditing in OpenEdge
Describes the OpenEdge auditing core service and provides details about planning to implement an auditing solution.
Audit Security
Provides details about various aspects of auditing security: managing privileges; archiving audit data records; audit security for database clients, tools, utilities, and audit policies; and configuring additional user authentication systems and domains.
Configuring OpenEdge Auditing
Describes how you and your customer sites can get up and running with auditing.
Developing an Audit-enabled OpenEdge Application
Provides an overview of how to develop and audit-enable an OpenEdge application.
Deploying an Audit-enabled OpenEdge Application
Provides details about audit-enabled OpenEdge application deployment.
Maintaining Audit Data
Describes common audit data record maintenance tasks.
Querying and Reporting on Audit Data
Describes how to query and report on data in the audit tables.
Transparent Data Encryption in OpenEdge RDBMS
Defines and describes Transparent Data Encryption in the OpenEdge RDBMS.
OpenEdge Key Store
Defines and describes the OpenEdge key store. The key store is an critical part of Transparent Data Encryption.
Configuring Transparent Data Encryption policies
Describes how to create and maintain encryption policies for Transparent Data Encryption.
Audit Data Tables
Describes all the audit data tables.
Preconfigured Audit Policies
Describes each of the preconfigured audit policies included with OpenEdge.