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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Security : Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)

A Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) implements a methodology, based on the concepts and technology of public-key cryptography, for supporting data security services throughout an enterprise network. As this definition implies, a PKI supports these data security services as part of a common security infrastructure that is implemented throughout the enterprise.
OpenEdge supports elements of a PKI with its implementation of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This chapter describes the basic PKI concepts and terminology used both to define SSL and to describe the OpenEdge implementation of SSL throughout the OpenEdge documentation set.
Caution: Use of a PKI in any network environment can have significant performance impacts. Be certain that you need the security that a PKI supports before you choose to design and build PKI support into any of your application networking.
* Core security services in a PKI
* Cryptography in a PKI
* Trust relationships and supporting mechanisms