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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Deploying an Audit-enabled OpenEdge Application : Applying audit policy for production systems

Applying audit policy for production systems

Each audit-enabled OpenEdge database can contain any number of audit policies, and any combination of policies can be designated to be active at run time. Audit policies are ignored until they have been activated; additionally, audit policy changes are ignored until the audit administrator is satisfied with the changes and commits them to the run-time system. Generally, the flow of operations is:
1. Load audit policies.
2. Customize policies.
3. Enable policies.
4. Check for conflicts and errors.
5. Update/enable/disable policies.
6. Notify the OpenEdge run time to use the newly selected set of enabled policies.
7. Monitor run-time audit behavior.
8. Return to Step 2, if necessary.