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Application and Integration Services
OpenEdge Messaging and ESB : OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Native Invocation methodology

Native Invocation methodology

When a Sonic ESB process calls an OpenEdge service using the Native Invocation methodology, ABL procedures are called directly via an OpenAPI call to an OpenEdge Application Server. The Native Invocation methodology depends on an invocation (.esboe) file. An.esboe file is typically based on annotations within your ABL source, but can also be generated from Proxygen, and is imported directly into Sonic Workbench.
The Native Invocation methodology provides the following benefits:
*Simplified exposure of ABL code as a service
*Simplified process of mapping ABL parameters to Sonic messages
*Reduced overhead, improving run-time performance over Web Service Invocation methodology, by eliminating conversions to and from SOAP messages
* Declarative vs. non-declarative approach
* Annotations
* .esboe files