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OpenEdge Messaging and ESB : OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Native Invocation methodology : Declarative vs. non-declarative approach
Declarative vs. non-declarative approach
OpenEdge developers have the choice of two approaches for exposing ABL procedures and functions for the Native Invocation methodology:
*Declarative — Captures information about publicly exposable procedures in the source code through the use of annotations
*Non-declarative — Captures information about publicly exposable procedures through the use of a tool such as ProxyGen
The declarative approach is recommended to OpenEdge developers as a best practice. When following the declarative approach, developers enter relevant information for making a procedure, function or external procedure publicly exposable when the source code is written. This information is then stored with the source code, and during the build process captured as an invocation (.esboe) file. In cases where the developer does not want to capture information about publicly exposable procedures with the source code, the non-declarative approach is supported.