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Application and Integration Services
Web Services: Architecture and Tools : Tools for building and managing OpenEdge Web services : Integrated Web services tool set

Integrated Web services tool set

The following figure shows how the tool set for OpenEdge Web services is integrated in OpenEdge.
Figure 27. OpenEdge Web services tool set integration in OpenEdge
In the above figure, the tool set required for OpenEdge Web services appear with gray shading, and the OpenEdge-implemented members of this tool set appear with darker gray shading. The unshaded components participate as "users" (such as Client dev tools in the figure) or "enablers" (such as AppServer 1) of Web services that are produced and deployed with OpenEdge. The components outlined in dashes and related with white arrow heads show optional elements, which in OpenEdge are useful for preparing client code to test Web service development. The dashed arrow heads in black show virtual relationships, where data moves, but not the actual path that it takes through the network.
Note that the major activities labeled in this architecture take place in different times and spaces, as described in previous sections of this chapter. For example, the OpenEdge Web service development activity occurs in a totally separate context from the WSA configuration or Web service deployment activities. Only after Web service development is complete does the noted .wsm file become input to OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer for Web service deployment.
For a step-by-step description of you to develop, deploy, and manage OpenEdge Web services in OpenEdge, see OpenEdge Development: Web Services.