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Application and Integration Services
Web Services: Architecture and Tools : What Web services are and how they are used : When to use a Web service : Adaptability and longevity
Adaptability and longevity
Web service technologies focus on standards for how a client application talks to a server application, instead of how and with what tools the client or server application are built. That is, Web services separate the application logic and business function from the means of application communication and interoperability, much as the application user interface is now commonly separated from its business logic. Thus, Web services can provide a means to extend the life of legacy applications that have served well for one domain, making them potentially serviceable for many new and different domains. For example, a local-weather-reporting application that has served a single community might now become part of a global weather-reporting system by adapting it as a Web service. At the same time, the function and scope of the application in its original operating environment can often remain unchanged.