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Working with XML
Reading and Writing XML Data from Temp-Tables and ProDataSets : Using XML Schema

Using XML Schema

You can write XML data and XML Schema from an ABL application and read it back into the application at a later time. In this scenario, the provided ABL methods shield you from having to learn much about XML Schema. However, more complex use cases may require you to understand the interaction of ABL and XML Schema.
During a read XML operation, the AVM acts differently depending on the following:
*If no ABL definition exists, which means the object is dynamic, the AVM can provide a definition for the dynamic object from XML Schema. For more information, see Creating dynamic ABL objects from XML Schema.
*If an ABL definition exists and XML Schema is also specified, the AVM verifies that the XML Schema matches the ABL definition. For more information, see Verifying XML Schema against ABL definitions.
*If no ABL definition exists and no XML Schema is specified, the AVM attempts to construct a schema from XML data, This is called inferring schema. For more information, see Inferring definitions from XML data.
* Creating dynamic ABL objects from XML Schema
* Verifying XML Schema against ABL definitions
* Inferring definitions from XML data
* Inferring data-relations from nested XML and XML Schema
* Examples of additional XML support
* ABL representation of temp-tables and ProDataSets as XML Schema
* ABL-specific attributes on temp-table and ProDataSet definitions
* Representing temp-tables in XML Schema
* Representing indexes in XML Schema
* Representing data-relations in XML Schema