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Working with XML
Reading and Writing XML Data from Temp-Tables and ProDataSets : Using XML Schema : Inferring definitions from XML data : Inferring schema for a ProDataSet
Inferring schema for a ProDataSet
Suppose you have an XML document for a dataset, but you have no XML Schema for it. You can call the READ-XML( ) method on a ProDataSet handle and create a dynamic ProDataSet object in ABL.
This XML document is an example:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Employee EmpNum="3">
<Address>1342 Atlantic Ave</Address>
<Family RelativeName="Ken Koberlein">
Using READ-XML( ) on a ProDataSet object will create a ProDataSet named myDataSet with three temp-table buffers: Department, Employee and Family. The Department temp-table has two CHARACTER fields: DeptCode and DeptName. The Employee temp-table has six CHARACTER fields: EmpNum, DeptCode, LastName, FirstName, Address and City. The Family temp-table has four CHARACTER fields: RelativeName, Relation, IncludedOnBenefits, and EmpNum.
Using READ-XML( ) on a temp-table object will fail, since there is more than one temp-table represented in the XML document.