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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Handling SOAP Message Headers in ABL : SOAP message headers: an overview : SOAP header structure
SOAP header structure
The following XML contains a SOAP header as it might appear inside a SOAP message:

SOAP message with header

   . . .
         <uuid xsi:type="xsd:string">12345-67890-98765-4321</uuid>
                   SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="1" t:stepnum="1">
   <soap:Body ...>
      <parameter-element> ... </parameter-element>
      . . .
</soap:Envelope >
As you can see, the <Header> element is only a container for other elements, the application-specific header entry elements. Any parameters generated for an operation in this SOAP message appear in the <Body> element in much the same way.
In this case, the SOAP header contains two header entries, named q1:OrderInfoID and t:Transaction (where q1: and t: are namespace prefixes). Each of these elements has a series of attributes and contains one or more child elements. The <q1:OrderInfoID> element contains one child element named uuid, and the <t:Transaction> element contains two child elements, named t:TransID and t:SubID. All of these element names are application-defined.
* Accessing the SOAP header
* Requirements for header handlers