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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Handling SOAP Message Headers in ABL : SOAP message headers: an overview : SOAP header structure : Requirements for header handlers
Requirements for header handlers
Using header handlers is not an absolute requirement. The design of the Web service drives the need for managing headers. The only absolute requirement for a header handler is the signature that you must use to define it. You can set and reset the callbacks for header handlers as needed. For example, you might make changes to do the following:
*Specify the correct handlers for different operations and port types
*Add additional header handlers for a single port type by mapping the port type to additional Web service procedure objects
*Remove any previously specified callbacks entirely when you have no need to handle the SOAP headers for an operation or port type
For more information on:
*How to specify callback procedures as header handlers, see Specifying SOAP header callback procedures at run time.
*The general cycle of operation for header handlers in ABL, see Invoking a header handler.
*Defining the callback procedures for header handlers, see Defining header handlers.