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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge REST Web Services : REST Applications : REST services in OpenEdge : Adding REST resources to a service : Path parameters
Path parameters
Path parameters are used to identify entities, to represent hierarchies or to provide data to a resource. Curly braces ({}) identify path parameter values and multiple path parameters are separated by a forward slash (/).
For example, if you intend to pass a customer id number to a customer query, the resource URI might be /customer/{custnum}. If you were passing the id of the sales representative and zip code to the query, the resource URI might be /customer/{salesrep}/{zip}.
When specifying path parameters, consider the number of input parameters required by the ABL procedure that you will map to.
Data types are specified when you map path parameters to input parameters of ABL procedures or user-defined functions. The REST Expose Editor is the recommended tool for data type mapping.
see Parameter mapping and JSON input and output message formats for more information.