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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Building Clients for OpenEdge SOAP Web services : Mapping relational data : Additional considerations : Including before-image data
Including before-image data
Before-image data is serialized in a proprietary OpenEdge datasetChanges document. The WSDL represents the parameter as arbitrary complex data with an <any> element. All SOAP formats represent this data as arbitrary complex data with XML Schema attributes that identify it as an OpenEdge datasetChanges document.
An ABL-based client can map the <any> element to a ProDataSet parameter and parse the OpenEdge datasetChanges document into a ProDataSet and its before-image data. For more information on how ABL handles before-image data in XML, see the chapter on reading and writing XML data from ProDataSets in OpenEdge Development: Working with XML. Non-ABL clients map the <any> element to an XML document that the client developer needs to parse with an XML API.