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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Building Clients for OpenEdge SOAP Web services : Mapping relational data

Mapping relational data

OpenEdge Web services support the passing of ABL static and dynamic temp-tables and ProDataSets as parameters. The WSDL Analyzer enables ABL clients to handle all these parameters simply. Non-ABL clients require more coding to handle dynamic temp-tables and ProDataSets and to handle ProDataSets with before-image data.
For examples of client applications using relational data, see Sample Code with SOAP Messages for OpenEdge Web Services. For examples of how WSDL represents relational data, see Understanding WSDL Details.
* Defining TABLE (static temp-table) parameters
* Defining TABLE-HANDLE (dynamic temp-table) parameters
* Defining DATASET (static ProDataSet) parameters
* Defining DATASET-HANDLE (dynamic ProDataSet) parameters
* Additional considerations