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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Sample Code with SOAP Messages for OpenEdge Web Services : Creating and using a ProcObject

Creating and using a ProcObject

Each AppObject that defines ProcObjects also defines a built-in class factory method specifically for each ProcObject. This method runs a persistent procedure on the AppServer that thereby establishes a persistent AppServer session context that is encapsulated by the ProcObject for access by the client.
To create and use a ProcObject:
1. Instantiate (create) the ProcObject as appropriate for the client platform.
2. Call the class factory method for this ProcObject on the parent AppObject or SubAppObject to run the persistent procedure on the AppServer.
3. Obtain the ProcObject ID value from the response header of the class factory method. Use this ProcObject ID for all subsequent calls to methods on the ProcObject.
4. Invoke any available methods on the ProcObject.
5. Ensure that the last method you invoke on the ProcObject is the object's release method. For more information, see Releasing an object.
Note: You can instantiate a ProcObject either before or after calling the class factory method and getting the ProcObject ID, but you must complete all of these steps before you invoke methods on the ProcObject.
* ProcObject session context
* ProcObject IDs
* ProcObject class factory methods