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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Connecting to OpenEdge SOAP Web Services from ABL : Binding to a Web service : Binding to a server object handle : Binding results
Binding results
After a successful attempt to bind a Web service, the server object is initialized for the Web service. This means that on the server object handle:
*The CONNECT( ) method returns the value, TRUE, during invocation
*The server object's SUBTYPE attribute returns the value, "WEBSERVICE"
*The server object's CONNECTED( ) method returns the value, TRUE
Note: A value of TRUE does not indicate the state of the HTTP/S connection between the client and Web service. Subsequent requests can fail if there is an HTTP failure at any point between the client and Web service. A TRUE value indicates that the WSDL document named in the -WSDL parameter was successfully read and any other parameter values (-Service, -Port, or -Binding) correctly match items in that WSDL document.
An attempt to bind a Web service can fail for any of the following reasons:
*A corrupt WSDL file
*A parameter specification in the connection-parameters string is invalid
*The value specified for the -TargetNamespace parameter does not match the target namespace specified in the WSDL document. (This is a version check.)
*The specified WSDL document is not found
*The value for the -WSDLUserid or the -WSDLPassword parameter is invalid