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Web Services
Introduction : Overview of SOAP Web services in OpenEdge : Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web services : Defining requirements : SOAP message formats
SOAP message formats
As described in SOAP, OpenEdge supports the following SOAP message formats:
*Document/Literal (Doc/Lit)
In general, you can use the same application code to create Web services for clients that support any of these formats. Each Web service instance can only accept a single SOAP format within each target namespace. You must generate and deploy a separate Web service for each format. When you deploy the same Web service definition for multiple SOAP formats, Progress Software Corporation recommends that you specify a unique target namespace to deploy each format on the single WSA instance.
Note: Alternately, you might deploy the Web services for each SOAP format with the same target namespace, but on different WSA instances. However, reusing target namespaces can cause unexpected problems.
For more information on SOAP messages, see SOAP message formats and SOAP format impact on generated client interfaces.