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Web Services
Developing a Java Client to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Developing the Axis client application : Running a procedure with a TABLE-HANDLE parameter

Running a procedure with a TABLE-HANDLE parameter

This example shows how you might invoke a method that takes a TABLE-HANDLE parameter, by calling the sample method, dynTT( ):
import DynTTSrvc.*;
import DynTTSrvc.DynTT.*;
import DynTTSrvc.DynTT.holders.*;
import org.apache.axis.message.MessageElement;
import org.w3c.dom.Element;

// Prepare the Schema and Data for the Input TABLE-HANDLE Parameter
// Create the XML Schema and data for the dynamic TEMP-TABLE.
// Then create the TableHandleParam object, ttHandle
// Create the holder for the INPUT-OUTPUT TableHandleParam parameter, ttHandle
TableHandleParamHolder ttHolder = new TableHandleParamHolder( );
ttHolder.value = ttHandle;

// Call DynTT.p, passing the Input-Output TABLE-HANDLE

// Process the schema and data for the Output TABLE-HANDLE