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Developing a Java Client to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Developing the Axis client application : Processing schema and data for output TABLE-HANDLE parameters

Processing schema and data for output TABLE-HANDLE parameters

This example shows how you might process the data from an output TABLE-HANDLE parameter by using the sample TABLE-HANDLE helper classes:
// Process the Output TABLE-HANDLE parameter
ttHandle = ttHolder.value;

MessageElement [] msgArrayOut = ttHandle.get_any( );

// msgArrayOut has one entry, the DataSet
// Get the DOM representation of the MessageElement
Element dataSetOut = msgArrayOut[0].getAsDOM( );

// Create a new RowSet Object based on the DataSet
RowSet rsOut = new RowSet( );

Call the buildRowSet method on the RowSet object.
buildRowSet creates a SchemaParser object to parse the <schema> element of the
dataSetOut and creates the m_schema ColumnMetaData[ ] array representing the
schema. buildRowSet then parses the <Data> element and creates the m_rows Vector
representing the data.

// print out the data for the dynamic temp-table to the console
rsOut.printData( );