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Developing a Java Client to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Developing the Axis client application : Preparing schema and data for input TABLE-HANDLE parameters

Preparing schema and data for input TABLE-HANDLE parameters

This example shows how you might prepare the schema and data for an input TABLE-HANDLE parameter using the helper classes described in the previous section:
// Build up a simple RowSet object representing the input dynamic TEMP-TABLE.
RowSet rsIn = new RowSet( );

// Create the MetaData, consisting of String and Integer columns
ColumnMetaData[] schema = new ColumnMetaData[2];
ColumnMetaData firstCol = new ColumnMetaData("Name",
                                              ColumnMetaData.CHAR_TYPE, 0);
ColumnMetaData secondCol = new ColumnMetaData("Number",
                                               ColumnMetaData.INT_TYPE, 0);
schema[0] = firstCol;
schema[1] = secondCol;


// Create a data row and add to the RowSet
Vector row;
row = new Vector( );
row.addElement(new String("Sally Jones"));
row.addElement(new Integer(1));

// Convert the RowSet into a TableHandleParam Object,
// the input parameter for DynTT.p

// Get the RowSet as a DOM Element. This element has two
// children, a <schema> element and a <Data> element
Element dataSetIn = rsIn.getDataSetAsDom( );

// Create a MessageElement containing the DataSet
MessageElement dataSetMsgEl = new MessageElement(dataSetIn);

// Place the DataSet MessageElement into the message element array
// and create the TableHandleParam object
MessageElement msgArrayIn[] = new MessageElement[1];
msgArrayIn[0] = dataSetMsgEl;

// Create the TableHandleParam object, ttHandle, representing the
// dynamic TABLE-HANDLE parameter
TableHandleParam ttHandle = new TableHandleParam( );
ttHandle .set_any(msgArrayIn);