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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Managing Projects : Selecting source procedures
Selecting source procedures
This section describes how to specify source procedures—the procedures you want to translate—for a project. When you select source procedures, the Translation Manager creates a list of the procedures to translate; it does not copy them into the project database.
You can use the following techniques to select source procedure files:
*To add a large number of files to the list, add the entire directory that contains the procedure files, then remove from the list those files that you do not want to translate.
*To add a small number of files to the list, add the files one at a time. Your project can consist of a single file.
Note: If the developers use SmartObjects in the application and you want to translate the text phrases in the SmartObjects, you must include the source code for those SmartObjects in the project’s list of procedures. The source code for SmartObjects is located in DLC/src/adm2. (For Version 9‑compatible SmartObjects, the source code is in DLC/src/adm/objects.)
Adding files to the procedures list
Before continuing, add the necessary files to the procedure list.
To add files to the procedure list:
1. From the Procedures tab folder, choose Add. The Translation Manager displays the Add Procedures dialog box:
2. Specify whether to add all the files in a directory or a single file.
3. If you want to add all the files from the subdirectories of the directory you specify, activate the Add Files in Subdirectories toggle box.
4. Enter the name of the directory or file you want to add, then choose OK.
If you activate the All Files in a Directory radio button and choose the Files button to select a directory, the tool displays the Get Directory dialog box with a caret (^) in the File Name fill‑in field. When you select a directory and close the dialog box, the Translation Manager adds all the files in the directory you selected to the list of procedures in the project database.
The directories and files display as follows on the Procedures tab folder:
By default, the Translation Manager lists only the procedure (.p) and window (.w) files; however, you can use a wild card (*) expression in the List Files of Type field to select specific types of files (or specific filenames) for translation.
To use a wildcard expression to select specific files for translation:
1. Enter a wild card expression in the List Files of Type field. For example, enter q* to add query files. Press the Add button. The Add Procedures dialog box appears.
2. Press OK. Only the procedures you specify appear:
Note: You can only use a wild card expression in the List Files of Type field of the Procedures tab folder. You cannot use a wild card expression in the Files of Type field of the Get Directory dialog box.
If you are an experienced user of Translation Manager and you want to speed up the process of adding files to a project, you can suppress messages and statistics that are reported during the process. To suppress messages, choose OptionsPreferences and select the degree of suppression you want. You can suppress messages during extract, resource procedure generation, and when adding procedures.
For information on how to remove individual files that you do not want to translate, see the “Removing files from the procedures list” section.
If you want to translate all of the files listed without removing any, see Chapter 5, “Preparing Data for Translation,” for information on specifying the filters you want to use when you extract the text phrases from the procedures.
Removing files from the procedures list
If there are files in the project that you do not want the translator to translate, you must remove the files.
To remove a file you do not want translated from the procedure file list:
1. From the Procedures tab folder, select the files that you want to remove from the list:
*To select a single file, choose the row marker for that file.
*To select multiple consecutive files, drag the cursor over the row markers for the files you want to delete.
*To select multiple nonconsecutive files, press and hold CTRL as you select or deselect individual files:
2. Choose Remove. The Translation Manager deletes the selected files from the list of source procedures in the Procedures tab folder.
Note: The Translation Manager does not delete the files. The files are only removed from the list. If you remove a file by mistake, just add the file to the list again.
Viewing and editing a file in the procedures list
From the Procedures and Data tab folders, you can peruse a source procedure to determine whether you want to translate it.
To view, edit, or run the 4GL code of a file in your source-procedure list:
1. Select the row marker for the file you want to view, then choose Edit. The Translation Manager displays the procedure code in a Procedures window.
2. View, edit, or run the code.
3. Choose FileClose Window to return to the Translation Manager tool.
You must verify that you have permission to edit code before you perform these steps.