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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Getting Started : Organizing a directory structure for the source code
Organizing a directory structure for the source code
You must make sure that the source code you want to translate (that is, all .p, .w, and .i files) is located in a directory tree with a single root directory. You must have read access to all the source code files.
You must also create the following directories:
*Project directory — To contain most of the information for your translation project create this directory as a subdirectory of your current working directory and that you create multiple directories for multiple projects.
*Translated r‑code directory — To store the r‑code you create when you compile the application with the translated text phrases.
Figure 3–1 illustrates the outline of the directory structure you should create before you start the Translation Manager. You can have multiple project directories, as well as multiple directories for organizing your code.
Figure 3–1: Organization of ideal directory structure