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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Preface : Organization
Chapter 1, “Preparing Your Application for Translation”
Describes techniques that you can share with software developers to make your company’s applications easier to translate.
Chapter 2, “Overview”
Provides an overview of the Translation Management System and the tasks involved in using the Translation Manager and Visual Translator tools.
Chapter 3, “Getting Started”
Describes how to organize a directory structure, set your PROPATH, start the Translation Manager tool, and connect to application databases.
Chapter 4, “Managing Projects”
Details how to create, open, and close a project database, select the current project, and select the source procedures you want to translate.
Chapter 5, “Preparing Data for Translation”
Explains how to prepare the data (text phrases and resource procedures) the translators will use to translate user‑interface procedures.
Chapter 6, “Adding Glossaries”
Describes how to create, import, and export the lexical glossaries translators will use.
Chapter 7, “Preparing a Kit”
Describes how to build a language kit for the translator. It also describes how to send the language kit to the translators.
Chapter 8, “Incorporating a Translated Kit into the Project”
Details how to consolidate the translations and glossary entries from a translated language kit database into the project database.
Chapter 9, “Updating a Project”
Shows how to edit translations and glossary entries and scan for changed source files.
Chapter 10, “Tutorial”
Guides you through the steps of a sample translation project.
Chapter 11, “Troubleshooting”
Provides answers to some common questions and describes solutions to common problems.
Appendix A, “Translation Manager Interface Reference”
Provides reference information for the Translation Manager’s tab folders, menu bar, and tool bar.