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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Preparing Data for Translation : Extracting text phrases from source procedures
Extracting text phrases from source procedures
When you extract text phrases from source procedures, the Translation Manager compiles the source procedures and copies the text phrases into a temporary (STRING-XREF) file. It does not remove the text phrases from the procedures. Figure 5–1 illustrates the process the Translation Manager follows when it extracts text phrases.
Figure 5–1: The extract process
Note: Because the Translation Manager compiles the source procedures when it extracts text phrases, you must be connected to the databases that the source procedures use during the extract process.
By default, the STRING-XREF filename is the project name with an .xrf extension. The STRING-XREFfile contains a list of translatable text phrases; it does not include null text strings (" ") or any text the developer marked as untranslatable (:U) in the source code; it does include initial values.
The STRING-XREF file includes details such as the name of the source procedure, line number, item, and the 4GL statement that contains each text phrase. Figure 5–2 shows the contents of an example STRING-XREF file.
Figure 5–2: Example STRING-XREF file
Next you can extract your source procedure.
To extract text phrases or generate resource procedures, you must be connected to the application databases that the source procedures use. See Chapter 3, “Getting Started,” for information on how to connect to databases from Translation Manager.
To extract text phrases from the source procedures:
1. From the Data tab folder, choose Extract. The Extract dialog box appears:
2. Type a name for the STRING-XREF file or accept the default.
3. Specify one of the following extract options:
*Extract Phrases from All Procedures — Extracts text phrases from all the procedures in the procedures list of the project. Activate this radio button the first time you extract text phrases for a project.
*Extract Phrases from Marked Procedures — Extracts text phrases from only those procedures that you mark when you use the Scan dialog box to update the procedures list for the project.
4. If you are an experienced Translation Manager user, you might want to extract the text phrases and load them immediately into the project database. Choose Options. The dialog box expands:
5. Check the Load immediately after Extract option. You can also specify to use filters and to have the STRING-XREF file deleted after Translation Manager loads the phrases into the project database. This option is useful if you have a proven set of filters and want to extract and load text phrases without tuning filters as an intermediary step.
6. Choose OK.
When the Translation Manager finishes extracting the text phrases, an alert box appears indicating the pathname of the STRING-XREF file that contains the extracted text phrases:
The STRING-XREF file is located, by default, in the current working directory. You might want to translate only some of the text phrases in the STRING-XREF file. The next section describes how to set filters so that you load only those text phrases you want to translate into the project database.