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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Updating a Project : Editing translations and glossary entries
Editing translations and glossary entries
This section describe how to edit the text phrases and glossary entries in a project. It discusses the following options:
*Browsing through the tab folders
*Sorting rows and ordering columns
*Inserting and deleting rows
*Cutting, copying, and pasting text
Browsing through the tab folders
You can browse through the contents of the Data and Glossaries tab folders using the following techniques:
*Use the vertical scrollbars — To scroll up and down the rows of information and view all the text phrases or glossary entries
*Use the horizontal scrollbars — To scroll right and left to view all the columns of information in the tab folder
*Choose a column label and type a letter — To automatically scroll down to the row of information to find the next occurrence of a phrase that begins with the letter you typed
Sorting rows and ordering columns
You can change the order of rows or columns in the tab folders with the Sort Rows and Order Columns options of the View menu. See online help for more information on these options.
Inserting and deleting rows
You can insert or delete rows in the Glossaries tab folder when you use the Insert or Delete toolbar buttons or Edit menu options. You can also delete rows in the Data tab folder.
Cutting, copying, and pasting text
You can edit the text in a cell of the tab folder when you use the Cut, Copy, and Paste toolbar buttons or Edit menu options. You can also edit any text phrase by double-clicking on the text to display the Long String Translator dialog box. You can view source string text in the Source String viewer or view and edit target string text in the Target String viewer.