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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : TableSchema property

TableSchema property

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)
References a Progress.Data.TableDesc class instance that specifies schema information for the data associated with a BindingSource object.
Note: This property is designed for use by the Visual Designer. Though you can do so, it is not expected that you will use this in your own code.
Data type: Progress.Data.TableDesc class
Access: PUBLIC Readable/Writeable
Applies to: Progress.Data.BindingSource class
In the Visual Designer, when you define the logical schema (tables and fields) for a BindingSource object, the Visual Designer's auto-generated code stores this information using the TableSchema property. At run time, the actual data source object (such as an ABL query or ProDataSet) is specified by setting the Handle property of the BindingSource. The generated code then matches up the logical schema that you defined with the data source object in order to display the correct data. For more information, see the reference entry for the Progress.Data.TableDesc class in this book.