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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : SetNull( ) method (JsonArray)

SetNull( ) method (JsonArray)

Sets the element at index to null for JsonArray.
This method is useful in situations where you know at compile time that are setting an element to the JSON null value. To use one of the Set( ) overloadings, you must set a variable to the Unknown value (?) first, and then call Set(  ) with the variable. Using the Unknown value (?) as a constant in one of the Set( ) overloadings will cause a compilation error, because the compiler cannot resolve the overloading to be used.
On successful execution this method returns TRUE.
Return type: LOGICAL
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.Json.ObjectModel.JsonArray class


SetNull( INPUT index AS INTEGER )
An INTEGER value identifying the element to set to null. Indexing into JsonArray is 1-based.
A JsonError is raised if index is less than 1, is greater than the length of the JsonArray, or is the Unknown value (?).