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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : SERVER-OPERATING-MODE attribute


(AppServer only; PAS for OE only)
Returns the operating mode of the current Progress Application Server or AppServer session.
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: Read-only
Applies to: SESSION system handle
This attribute is valid only if the REMOTE attribute is TRUE.
The possible values for this attribute when used with the AppServer include:
This is the value of the operatingMode property set for this AppServer in the file. For information on how to configure the operating mode for an AppServer instance, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.
The possible values for this attribute when used with the Progress Application Server include:
Because an instance of the Progress Application Server can run sessions in both modes simultaneously, the operating mode is not set in a properties file. The operating mode is specified through a parameter on the CONNECT( ) method on the client. For more information, see Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Introducing PAS for OpenEdge.

See also

CONNECT( ) method (AppServer), CONNECT( ) method (Progress Application Server)