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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : ProcedureName property

ProcedureName property

The filename or pathname of the remote procedure that an AppServer client invoked for the request executing in the current AppServer session.
Note: This property has no meaning in the context of a non-AppServer ABL session.
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: PUBLIC Read-only
Applies to: Progress.Lang.OERequestInfo class
The value returned by this property depends on how the remote procedure is invoked on the client. If the client calls the procedure using an absolute or relative path, the same absolute or relative pathname is returned. If the client calls the procedure with no path, only the filename of the remote procedure is returned.
You can query this property in any procedure or class running in an AppServer session. This includes any AppServer configuration procedures that run as part of a remote procedure request, such as the Activate and Deactivate procedures that run for each request to an AppServer running in state-free or stateless operating mode.
An AppServer session can access this property using the CURRENT-REQUEST-INFO attribute on the SESSION system handle.

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