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ABL Reference
Class Events Reference : OffEnd event (.NET)

OffEnd event (.NET)

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)
The .NET event published when record batching is enabled (that is, the BindingSource object's Batching property is TRUE) and some user action in the bound .NET control reaches the last row of the current result set. Use this event to retrieve the next batch of records.
You can use this event when the BindingSource object is bound to a query. If bound to a ProDataSet object, this event applies only to the top-level table displayed in the .NET control.
Return type: VOID
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.Data.BindingSource class
Delegate: Progress.Data.OffEndEventHandler


The delegate for this event defines the following event handler signature:
     INPUT sender AS CLASS System.Object,
     INPUT args AS CLASS Progress.Data.OffEndEventArgs
The name of the event handler.
Object reference to the BindingSource object instance that published the event.
Object reference to an OffEndEventArgs object instance containing arguments for the event.
Each time you retrieve a batch of records, you must:
*Add the records to the current result set.
*Set the RowsAdded property for the OffEndEventArgs object to the number of records added to the result set (that is, the number of records retrieved in the most recent batch).
Once you have retrieved all of the records, set the Batching property to FALSE.

See also

Batching property, Progress.Data.OffEndEventArgs class, RowsAdded property