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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : Load( ) method (Class)

Load( ) method (Class)

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)
Loads resources from a .NET XML resource (.resx) file associated with a .NET form class, and returns a System.Resources.ResXResourceSet instance through which you can access the resources by name.
Return type: System.Resources.ResXResourceSet class (from the .NET Framework)
Applies to: Progress.Util.ResourceHelper class


ResourceHelper:Load ( INPUT filename AS CHARACTER, INPUT path AS CHARACTER )
A CHARACTER expression that specifies a .NET XML resource (.resx) file that contains the resources you want to load. You can specify filename with an absolute pathname or a relative pathname based on path. If you do not specify path, the AVM looks for the file in the current working directory.
A resource file is always named the same as the form with a .resx extension, and is located in the same directory as the source code for the form.
A CHARACTER expression that specifies a relative path in which to search for the file specified in filename. This is typically "PROPATH" or a subset of your PROPATH. If you do not specify a path, you must specify the empty string ("").
The following example loads the resource file form1.resx from PROPATH and accesses an image in the resource file:
USING System.Windows.Forms.* FROM ASSEMBLY.
USING Progress.Util.*        FROM ASSEMBLY.

DEFINE VARIABLE resources AS System.Resources.ResXResourceSet NO-UNDO.
DEFINE VARIABLE image     AS System.Drawing.Image             NO-UNDO.

resources = ResourceHelper:Load( "form1.resx", "PROPATH" ).
image = CAST( resources:GetObject( "open.Image" ), System.Drawing.Image ).
For information on the System.Resources.ResXResourceSet class, refer to the .NET Framework class library.