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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : Invoke( ) method (Method)

Invoke( ) method (Method)

Invokes the method represented by the Progress.Reflect.Method instance. This method can only be used to invoke a public method. If used on a protected or private method, the method will raise an error.
Return type: The type, if any, returned by the method
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.Reflect.Method class


Invoke ( INPUT params AS Progress.Lang.ParameterList )

Invoke ( INPUT instance AS Progress.Lang.Object,
INPUT params AS Progress.Lang.ParameterList )
An instance of the class that contains the method. This instance must be of the type specified by either the DeclaringClass or OriginatingClass property of the Progress.Reflect.Method instance. Using the instance parameter with a static method will raise an error.
A Progress.Lang.ParameterList instance containing the parameters for the method. If the method has no parameters, pass a ParameterList instance with its NumParameters property set to 0. If the ParameterList instance does not match the parameters for the method, the method will raise an error.


*Use the Invoke( params ) overload to invoke a static method and the Invoke(instance, params) an instance method. Calling an overload on a method of the incorrect scope will raise an error.