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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : GetInt64( ) method (JsonArray)

GetInt64( ) method (JsonArray)

Gets the JSON number value of one or more elements as an INT64 or INT64 array.
Return type: INT64
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.Json.ObjectModel.JsonArray class


GetInt64( INPUT index AS INTEGER )

GetInt64( INPUT index AS INTEGER,
          INPUT count AS INTEGER )
If the method returns one parameter, the value of a single element is returned. Using two parameters directs the AVM to return an ABL array consisting of count elements.
An integer value of the element to be returned. Indexing into JsonArrays is 1-based.
An INTEGER specifying the number of elements, starting with the element at index, to be returned in the ABL array.
A JsonError is raised if:
*index is less than 1, is greater than the length of the JsonArray, or is the Unknown value (?)
*count is less than 1 or is the Unknown value (?)
*The sum of index and count is greater than the length of the JsonArray
*Any element is not a valid JSON integral number
*Any element does not fit into an ABL INT64