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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : GetDataSlots( ) method

GetDataSlots( ) method

Returns an array of DataSlot objects associated with a task or process.
Dataslots are defined globally for the business process. A dataslot on the process can be viewed and optionally updated using the GetDataSlots( ) and UpdateDataSlots( ) methods on a Progress.BPM.Process object at any time during the lifetime of the process instance. A task can have one or more of the process dataslots associated with it. These dataslots can be used by the task as input data and can also be updated by the task when the task is completed. The dataslots can be read-only, write-only, or read-write. The meta-data for each dataslot as well as the value from the Business Process Server at the time the Progress.BPM.Dataslot object was created will be available.
Return type: Progress.BPM.DataSlot EXTENT
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.BPM.Process class, Progress.BPM.Task class


GetDataSlots ( )
This method retrieves the set of dataslots from the BPM Server whenever it is called. Note that the dataslots are not retrieved when the task or process is initially fetched from the server; this occurs only when GetDataSlots( ) is explicitly called.
If the method succeeds, it returns an array of Progress.BPM.DataSlot objects. If the method succeeds but there are no dataslot values for the task or process, the method returns an indeterminate array.
If the method fails, it raises a BPM error.