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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : GetConstructors( ) method

GetConstructors( ) method

Returns an array of Progress.Reflect.Constructor instances that match the specified conditions. There is no guaranteed order for the returned constructors. If there are no constructors that match the specified conditions, the method returns an indeterminate array.
Return type: Progress.Reflect.Constructor class EXTENT
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.Lang.Class class


GetConstructors ( )

GetConstructors ( INPUT flags AS Progress.Reflect.Flags )
A Progress.Reflect.Flags instance indicating the access mode(s) the returned constructors must have. See Progress.Reflect.Flags enumeration for more information.
Caution: This method does not return static constructors, so setting the Static flag will raise an error. Unlike other reflection methods, GetConstructors() defaults to returning instance constructors, so you do not need to set the Instance flag for this method.


*You only need to pass the Public, Protected, and/or Private flags, as desired. This method never returns a constructor from a super class of the class it is applied to, and the method only returns instance constructors, so the DeclaredOnly and Instance flags are implied.
*GetConstructors( ) returns a Progress.Reflect.Constructor instance describing the default constructor if no other constructor is defined. GetConstructors(flags) returns the default constructor if no other constructor is defined and it matches the specified flags.
*GetConstructors( ) only returns public constructors. GetConstructors(flags) does return ABL class constructors defined as protected or private if they satisfy the specified conditions, but you cannot invoke them.
*This method does not return .NET class constructors defined as private.