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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : GetClass( ) method (Progress.Lang.Class)

GetClass( ) method (Progress.Lang.Class)

Returns the object reference for the Progress.Lang.Class instance associated with a specified class or interface type.
Return type: Progress.Lang.Class class
Applies to: Progress.Lang.Class class


GetClass ( INPUT object-type-name AS CHARACTER )
A CHARACTER expression that evaluates to a fully qualified object type name.
If object-type-name does not evaluate to a valid ABL class or interface type, this method returns the Unknown value (?).
Note: Because the Progress.Lang.Class class has a private constructor, you cannot inherit from it. Therefore you must always invoke this static method using its class type name.
As an alternative to the GetClass() method, the GET-CLASS function also returns the object reference for the given class or interface, but it takes a type name as an argument instead of a CHARACTER expression.

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