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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : EXPORT( ) method

EXPORT( ) method

(AppServer only; PAS for OE only)
Creates and modifies an AppServer's export list, which specifies the remote procedures that a client application can execute in the current AppServer session.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: SESSION system handle


EXPORT ( [list] )
A comma-separated list of procedure names and name-patterns. EXPORT( ) ignores white space (blank, tab, and newline) at the beginning and end of an entry. The only wildcard EXPORT( ) supports is the asterisk (*). For more information on wildcards, see the reference entry for the MATCHES function.
The EXPORT( ) method applies only to AppServers. That is, if the REMOTE attribute of the SESSION handle is FALSE, EXPORT( ) does nothing and returns FALSE.
The EXPORT( ) method can be called repeatedly within the context of the AppServer instance. Each time EXPORT( ) is called, the AppServer instance adds the procedures in list to its export list. If you do not specify list, the EXPORT( ) method resets the export list to empty.
The EXPORT( ) method performs pattern matching by comparing two procedure names character-by-character, taking wildcards into account. Procedure names must match exactly. Case (uppercase and lowercase) is significant.
If the EXPORT( ) method is never called, a client application can call any procedure in the AppServer's PROPATH. Once EXPORT( ) is called in the context of an AppServer, a client application can call only the procedures in the export list.
Typically, the Connect procedure or Startup procedure of an AppServer calls the EXPORT( ) method, depending on the operating mode. For example, where you might call it from the Connect procedure on a state-reset or state-aware AppServer, you would probably call it from the Startup procedure on a stateless AppServer. For more information on Connect procedures, see the reference entry for the CONNECT( ) method (AppServer). For more information on both types of procedures and the AppServer, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.