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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : Connected property

Connected property

Indicates whether the associated Progress.BPM.UserSession has a valid connection to an Business Process Server (BP Server). The UserSession must explicitly be connected on behalf of a user before it can be used to successfully communicate with an BP Server. This property allows a programmer to determine if the UserSession is valid for communication.
The value of Connected is TRUE if the UserSession instance on which Connected is checked has successfully executed a Connect( ) and has not subsequently disconnected. The value is FALSE otherwise. A UserSession object becomes disconnected when it calls Disconnect( ) or when it encounters a communication error attempting to access its associated Business Process Server.
Note that it is possible for Connected to be TRUE even if the UserSession cannot currently communicate with the BP Server to which it is connected. The Connected property does not check the current state of the connection; it reflects only the outcome of Connect( ) and other calls made to the server prior to Connected being checked.
Data type: LOGICAL
Access: PUBLIC Read-only
Applies to: Progress.BPM.UserSession class