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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : Complete( ) method

Complete( ) method

Directs the Business Process Server to mark a task as completed, regardless of its state.
When the work for a task has been completed, you can mark the task as complete. A task can be marked complete even if it is not in the active state.
If the Task has an associated DataSlot array as a result of previously calling the GetDataSlots( ) method on the Task, Complete( ) sends the values for output and input/output dataslots to the Business Process Server. On the server, the dataslot assignment occurs first; if it is successful, the task is marked as complete.
Return type: LOGICAL
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.BPM.Task class


Complete ( )
If the method succeeds, it returns TRUE and the process continues. While the task is removed from the user's assigned list on the Business Process Server when it is completed, any local list of assigned tasks must be refreshed to remove the task.
If the method fails—for example, if the task is not assigned or if there is an error updating one or more of the dataslots—it raises a BPM error.