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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : ArchiveIndexStatistics property

ArchiveIndexStatistics property

When ArchiveIndexStatistics property is set to TRUE, it creates a dynamic temp-table _IndexStatHistory that stores the index statistics for every temp-table in the session range. The temp-table to which the data is archived cannot be deleted. It contains one record for every deleted application temp-table This is a read-write property.
You cannot archive the statistics when:
*ArchiveIndexStatistics property is set to FALSE.
*The temp-table gets deleted.
You can access the archived data through the handle returned by the GetIndexStatHistoryHandle() method. If you do not specify a value greater than zero for -ttindexrangesize parameter, an error is raised when the ArchiveIndexStatistics property is set to TRUE.
Data type: LOGICAL
Applies to: Progress.Database.TempTableInfo class