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ABL Reference
Class Properties and Methods Reference : ActSpaceId property

ActSpaceId property

The ActSpaceId property identifies the ActSpace VST. This VST displays space allocation information, such as the number of temp-table database extends; the number of times a block was used from and returned to the free chain; the number of times space was allocated for a record (from the rm chain or from the free chain); the number of bytes allocated for record fragments, the number of rm blocks examined or removed, the number of blocks added to the front or back of the rm chain, the number of moved blocks, the number of locked chain entries, the number of transactions committed, and database up time. You can pass the ActSpaceId property to the GetVSTHandle() method to return the handle to the ActSpace VST. This property is read-only.
Data type: INT64
Applies to: Progress.Database.VSTTableId class